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How to List Networking Skills on Your Resume

You know about listing your work history, your achievements in your profession, and your educational background. You know how important soft skills are to recruiters as well. But did you know that networking skills can help you land the job you want, too? While these may be talked about a little less than other resume elements, they are incredibly important. 

How Can You List Networking Skills on a Resume?

What are Networking Skills?

Networking skills are those that help you be successful in your networking. They include making connections with people and creating relationships. If you think about a time you were at a professional networking event, consider how you were able to strike up meaningful and engaging conversation with others you didn’t know. How about your ability to maintain those connections after the event was over? 

If you have these abilities to make connections and build relationships, you want to be sure to include them in your resume.

Why Are Companies Looking for Networking Skills?

In a world that is driven by technology and interactions are often happening behind a screen, managers are all too excited at the prospect of hiring a person who A) knows how to connect in person and B) is successful in their attempts to create relationships with people, even those who they might not see in person as often (i.e. remote workers, shift workers). 

Being able to make connections and build relationships with coworkers and customers is a huge asset. In relation to the office culture, it can be what makes a boss more like a leader and a worker more like a team player. When dealing with customers, these skills can help create trust and loyalty, which are invaluable qualities for customer retention. 

How to List them On Your Resume

These skills are easy to make the topic of your cover letter if you think it’s relevant for the position you’re applying to. However, don’t call them “networking skills.” Instead, think of them more like team building or business development. 

Networking skills are like an onion – they have layers to them. Making connections and building relationships have skills that come together to create them. When considering what skills to list, consider how the following skills are components of making connections and building relationships:

  • Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Empathy
  • Positive Attitude
  • Focus

These are all skills that are necessary to have in order to truly be able to make connections and build relationships. You may find it appropriate to list or elaborate on in your resume, or include them in testimonials on your cover letter.

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