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Why Building Your Personal Brand is Essential to Long Term Success

When you’ve been looking for a new move to advance your career, you’re checking job sites, networking with connections, and updating your resume. Are you focusing on your personal brand, too? Maybe you’ve never really thought about it, but you have a personal brand and it is continually developed.

Why Is Your Personal Brand Essential To Long-Term Success?

What is a Personal Brand?

Your personal brand, to quote Jeff Bezos, “is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” In today’s world, posting content online has given everyone an ever-evolving personal brand. If you were to Google yourself, what would you find? In fact, if you haven’t done that in a while, it’s a good thing to do.

While activity on social media sites might make controlling your personal brand a bit harder, in today’s world of the gig economy and a competitive job market, utilizing social media to create your personal brand for differentiation is highly recommended.

Why Employers Want to See Your Personal Brand

Employers are on social media. They use it for hiring, for promoting news, and highlighting their employees. They’re invested in their brand, and they’re consuming yours. They will utilize the personal brands they see from potential employees to help them determine which one might make the best fit for their company. 

How to Create & Control Your Personal Brand

Celebrities have an entire press team, and companies have departments to help them control their brand. As an individual, you don’t have that luxury. But what you do have is freedom. 

Determine Your Skills & Talents

Your first step for building your personal brand is to determine which skills and talents you want to be known for in your career. Once you decide these qualities, make sure you showcase your proficiency in these skills. If you need further training or education to make yourself proficient in a skill that is important for your career goals, then create a plan to get that done. 

Showcase Your Expertise

Once you determine which skills and talents align with your personal brand, be sure to highlight them. Update your social media profiles to include them, and of course update your resume and other professional outlets. You might also decide to start a blog or vlog that highlights your insights relating to these particular skills and their importance to your industry. 

Tidy Up Old Content

As you build your personal brand and mature, take some free minutes to go back and delete anything that is unprofessional if it is available to view by colleagues and potential employers. 

Partner with a Staffing Agency to Find the Best Job for You

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