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How to Stay Productive While Job Searching

Searching for jobs can seem overwhelming, and sometimes it can feel scattered. Instead of falling to those unfruitful pitfalls, following these tips. They can help you feel organized, calm, and ultimately productive!

How Can You Stay Productive While Job Searching?

Bonus Tip: Make a Schedule

Whether you’re searching for a job while still working or are doing this full-time, creating a schedule for your job search tasks is one of the best ways to feel in control. The tips that we will list below are what you will fit into your schedule. This makes it easy to stay on top of things and remain productive without it feeling chaotic.

5 Tips to Have a Productive Job Search

Reach Out to Your Network

No matter how long you’ve been in the workforce (or even if you’re just starting out), you have a network. The connections and relationships that you’ve built in your professional world are an important piece to your job search. Reaching out to people you know and trust is a great way to learn about opportunities. Since your connections know you, they can also help advise you on prospective opportunities and even help you brainstorm career options. Don’t feel bad about asking for some advice, recommendations, or even help. That’s what relationships are all about!

Write a Master Resume

While each application deserves a tailored resume that speaks directly to the position, a master resume is a smart document to have. Your master resume will follow the rules of a standout resume and will serve as something you can post on job sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, etc. It can also be the copy to send out to your network connections if needed, as well as recruiters. 

When it comes time to apply to a specific job, your master resume can easily be tailored to the position and edited with the right keywords that match the job description. 

Create Cover Letter Templates

Not all jobs require cover letters, however, some companies still want to see one. After doing a bit of job searching, you’ll start to see if a cover letter will be relevant for your field. If so, creating templates is a smart way to make writing cover letters a less daunting task.

First, brainstorm a few good cover letter topics. Then, feel free to get writing. You may also decide just to map out or outline these topics. Then, make notes on which sections should be altered for each opportunity, and which ones can stay the same. This is an efficient way to tackle an important document without much angst.

Connect with Recruiters

Scouring the job sites and connecting with your network are strong avenues for finding the right job. You can also connect with a recruiting company. They always have a pulse on what’s happening in the local job market, and since you can find a recruiter that works within your specific field, they’re the experts on what’s happening now, and what the future may hold for your industry. They’ll be able to help you find the right job for you, based on your career goals.

Eliminate Distractions

When you block off time in your schedule to be productive with your job search, keep your phone away and eliminate other distractions. Any task can take extra long if you’re continually interrupted, so get focused and knock out the tasks you’ve assigned yourself for your productive job search. You’ll be amazed with how proper planning and minimal distractions can help you have a productive (and ultimately successful) job search. 

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