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Key Takeaways from the Great Resignation Era

The job market has been like a roller coaster over the last couple of years. First, the pandemic wreaked havoc on nearly every single industry. On the heels was the Great Resignation, when workers had the upper hand in naming their wants and needs for their company or finding a different position that would provide. 

While many workers found a voice and became emboldened, the job market seems to be shifting again as the economy is taking a downward turn. Employers can be encouraged that they can have a greater say in employee pay, benefits, and company culture again, however there are plenty of takeaways from these tumultuous years that should be considered.

What Are The Key Takeaways of the Great Resignation Era?

Salary Expectations are Higher

Thanks to the cost of living increasing in every state, workers aren’t holding back in their salary expectations. During the Great Resignation, when companies had a lot of open positions, workers could negotiate their ideal pay easier. This may not be as easy for them to negotiate when fewer positions are open in the job market, but overall the majority of companies have to increase their starting salaries to be considered by job seekers.

Work-Life Balance is a Must

For some employees, working from home became their favorite type of office. Employers should be ready to consider hybrid work schedules, flexible schedules, or even remote positions. If that’s not a possibility, and the candidate is used to the remote environment, employers should consider a longer onboarding experience that makes the new hire feel comfortable to get back in the office. 

Your Brand Matters

Not all workers are satisfied with only a job at a company. What your company stands for, their purpose, matters to today’s workforce. While you shouldn’t pretend to be something you’re not, it is important that your brand is clear on your website, on hiring sites, and throughout any other communication. 

Listen to Your Current Employees & Prospective Hires

It’s important to learn what employees and job candidates want in their career, from salaries to schedules. To attract and retain top-performing talent, consider how you can meet their needs and stand apart from the other companies in your industry.

Find Qualified & Passionate Workers

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