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How to Attract Quality Candidates with Better Job Descriptions

Even the best hiring strategy can be sabotaged by a sub-par job description. A job description plays a key role in attracting quality candidates that have the experience and skills you need. 

A clear, relevant job description can help narrow down the applicants so you have less resumes to scour and a better chance at finding the best candidate.

4 Ways to Improve Job Descriptions to Attract Better Candidates

Use the Right Keywords

Including the right keywords in your job description is the best way to find the right candidates. Be sure your description includes relevant phrases and keywords that speak specifically to the skills and tasks of the job. When you need specific experience or skills, communicate that; generalizing requirements is counterproductive when it comes to finding quality candidates. 

Visualize the Employee You Want to Hire

One exercise you can do before creating a job description is to visualize what the new hire will be like in the role. Consider what skills they will add to the team and how they will fit into your company culture. Communicate how their daily tasks will contribute to the overarching strategy and success of the company in the job description. This can make the candidates feel like they would add value and help them feel excited to apply. 

Stand Out from Other Companies

Each time you post a job opening, you’re up against other companies in your local industry who also are looking for quality talent to join their team. Take a look at other job postings for similar positions for reference, then make sure you do your best to stand out. Don’t use the same phrases other companies use, and avoid stating the obvious. When candidates see the same phrases over and over, they become bored and might even pass up the opportunity altogether. 

Make it Easy & Exciting to Read

If the job description you write is boring, cold, and lifeless, that’s the impression people will get about your company. Liven up your job description and show the uniqueness of your company. Before posting your job, consider if by reading the description alone, you would want to work in that position. While you want to add keywords and make it exciting, you also need to strike a balance and make sure it still sounds professional and realistic. 

Find the Best Match for Your Open Positions

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