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Why Open Communication with Candidates is Important

Have you ever thought about how a candidate is looking at you just as deeply as you are looking at him or her? When a job seeker applies to a job, that is their first point of contact. They’re hoping to hear back from you in a timely manner and in a way that seems genuine.

From a screening call to scheduling an interview to follow-up conversations, these opportunities for communication are quite significant to the candidate (and to your company). In fact, the quality of communication you have with the candidate is part of your brand representation and can affect whether they continue with the interviewing process or decide to look for a better opportunity. 

Why is Open Communication Important?

Candidates Want More Than Just a Job

It used to be true that candidates were grateful for even a nibble on an application. In today’s workforce, however, job seekers are looking for more than just a job. They want to work at a place that makes them feel good. This company will share their values, and together, they’ll share a mutual respect. In addition to the research, a candidate does about the company they’re applying to, the initial communication during the recruiting and interview phase plays a major role in determining whether or not this company will be a good fit.

Open Communication is About Respect

While it might seem daunting to have to communicate with candidates (especially if you have a lot of applicants), think about how this is truly about being respectful. At the most basic level of a relationship is respect. Even if the candidate isn’t the perfect fit for the job, respectful, open communication can make that candidate still feel valued, albeit not for that particular opportunity. When any candidate feels valued, they’ll be more likely to recommend a friend for an open job, reapply in the future, or accept an offer if one is heading their way. 

Provide Clarity When it Matters Most

Building on the idea of respect, as a hiring manager or recruiter, you understand what it’s like to be in the position of the applicant. Maybe the candidate needs this job to provide for his family. Maybe the candidate is trying to make an amicable break from her current role to show respect to all parties. Oftentimes, candidates can begin feeling uneasy about the job search, application, and interview processes just because there’s so much of it that is out of their control. 

If you can have open communication with the candidates about the timeline for each step of the interview and hiring process, you will not only ease their anxiety, but you may free up some of your time by not having to answer their questions separately. 

Integrate Your Communication

Open communication is so important to all candidates. From the ones you have to pass on, to the ones you’re excited about. While it may seem daunting to communicate so much, it’s fairly easy to do, especially when it’s integrated into any existing ATS software system you may use. By setting aside time to add communication and tracking in the system, you can improve your entire company’s reputation when it comes to the recruiting and hiring process.

Find the Best Candidates for Your Company

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