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Why Body Language in Interviews is Important

We use body language throughout the day, but oftentimes without even realizing it. When it comes to preparing for a job interview, considering your body language is an important step as well. 

During a job interview, body language can:

  • Communicate confidence
  • Become a tool for self-expression
  • Help the conversation stay natural with the interviewer

With all of these key points, it’s best to fully understand exactly what body language includes.

Why Does Your Body Language Matter During an Interview?

What Exactly is Body Language?

Body language is non-verbal communication. It entails the use of gestures, facial expressions, and other body movements.

When used well, body language can complement or support what you are saying or thinking. On the other hand, if you use body language without much consideration, you could be contradicting what you’re trying to say.

An interesting fact: nearly 55% of our communication comes from body language during a conversation!

Why is Body Language Important During a Job Interview?

By paying more attention to your body language during a job interview, you can be sure that you’re sending all the right signals. 

With so much of your cues coming from body language, if you are inadvertently sending the wrong message, it could pose a problem for moving beyond that next step in the hiring process.

Tips to Use Your Body Language Effectively During a Job Interview

Pay attention to these tips to make sure your body language compliments what you’re trying to communicate during a job interview.


The handshake is one of the most iconic forms of body language, especially when it comes to the job interview. It’s a symbol of respect, trust, and rapport. Make a good first impression from the start of your interview by looking them in the eye and engaging in a firm handshake. By using a firm grip, rather than one too soft, you communicate confidence in yourself and a sincere interest in the job opportunity.

Body Posture

Paying attention to your body posture is important during a job interview. Sitting up straight shows professionalism and leaning slightly forward (instead of away) from the conversation communicates a sincere interest in the interview. 

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is one of the most effective ways to show your interviewer that you’re engaged and confident. When you’re speaking, you should try to make eye contact for about ⅓ of the time. 

This goes for listening as well. Making eye contact for about ⅔ of the time can help demonstrate your interest in the opportunity. 

Hand Gestures

We often have habits that include our hands. Be mindful to keep your hands away from your face, hair, or from fidgeting. Instead, consider using them naturally as you talk. Just be careful to not use hand gestures too much or it can be distracting. 


Yes, listening is a part of body language. When you are actively listening to someone speaking, you will have some type of reaction. Whether it’s the nod of your head or a thoughtful raise of the eyebrow, it’s good to show that you are engaged and listening to the interviewer.

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