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How to Motivate and Train Temp Staff

Companies can benefit quite a bit from bringing on temporary workers. Since temp employees bring a level of expertise and flexibility, companies are able to tackle a variety of projects and demands while remaining fiscally responsible.

How Can You Motivate and Train Temp Staff?

Training Temporary Workers is a Key

Bringing on temporary or contract workers can help your business thrive, especially when they are properly trained and feel like they’re an integral part of the team. Failing to properly train temps can backfire in every way.

Keep in mind, if you don’t decide to hire your temporary workers full-time after their contract is done, they will go back into the world and share with their friends (and social media connections) what they thought of their experience working at your company. This can do a lot of good for your business, or a lot of damage. Making your temp staff feel valued, motivated, and well-trained are main components to helping them succeed and feel good about their time with your company.

Ways to Motivate & Train Your Temp Staff

Include Them in Team Events

If the team that your temp staff works with has a gathering, be sure to include them. Nothing makes a worker feel more excluded than being left out of an event. Including your temp staff in team events will boost morale and engagement.

Provide Proper Training 

It’s important to be prepared with the proper training materials in advance. All processes and procedures should be properly documented. If your temporary workers need to operate machinery or any other equipment in a step-by-step manner, provide these instructions in training materials so they can always be used for reference. 

In addition to materials, give your temp workers an orientation and the opportunity to be introduced to other team members. Thorough onboarding is just as important for temp workers as for your full-time employees. When they have a better understanding of their roles and how to work their best in their environment, you’ll get a more successful worker who adds more value to your team.

Assign a Mentor

It’s a very smart idea to assign a mentor to each of your temporary employees as someone that they can contact to ask quick questions. This can be especially helpful after a hire has gone through initial training but runs into questions as they dive into their work.

Consider a Bonus or Incentive Program

A sure way to motivate temporary workers is to create a bonus or incentive program. Based on performance, the rewards can range from cash, to gift cards, or even free meals. When creating an incentive program, it’s important to keep in mind a few things:

  • Your budget
  • Realistic yet stretch goals to push workers
  • Frequency (short-term or long-term goals)
  • Exciting rewards and incentives that workers will want to earn

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