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How Can AI Help With the Recruiting Process?

Ever feel like screening candidates and scouring resumes is a never-ending task? This is one of the most laborious tasks of an HR professional. But looking through piles of resumes is important because it means finding the perfect fit for your open position. So, how do you find the right candidate and try to save time reviewing resumes?

Can AI Help Your Recruiting Process?

A Long Recruiting Process Affects Candidates, Too

Before we get to a possible solution that cuts time from the recruitment process, let’s quickly discuss why the drawn out time frame is painful in more ways than one. While you’re sifting through piles of resumes, the candidates who submitted those resumes are waiting. Understandably, when they’re waiting for a long time, they might decide to pursue a different opportunity altogether.

How AI Can Streamline Your Recruitment 

With the boom of AI being used across industries, there’s no reason that recruiters can’t use this technology to decrease the time it takes to find the best candidate.

  • First, AI can screen through large volumes of resumes quickly and efficiently, matching job requirements with a candidate’s qualifications and experience.
  • AI technology can also identify potential candidates who may not have applied to the job, but have the skills and qualifications to match.
  • When you use AI in the recruitment process, it can eliminate or avoid any unintentional bias. 

What to Know Before You Begin

The capabilities of using artificial intelligence during the recruitment process are exciting for any HR professional who’s ever felt bogged down by the recruitment and hiring processes. With all of the ways to implement AI into your recruitment process, it’s easy to see how you can shave off valuable time from screening resumes to finding the right candidates to interview. 

With a shorter process and AI’s matching abilities, highly qualified candidates are more likely to still be available for the job.

However, before you think that all your recruitment headaches are gone, it is important to reference two important notes about using AI.

  • Effective use of AI requires a large amount of data. Since artificial intelligence gets smarter as it learns, it may require a few thousand resumes to accurately screen according to your company’s needs.
  • With such a new technology, it can be hard to completely buy into it. It will take some time, data, and adjustments to fully fit into the ecosystem of the human resources team. 

Find the Best Candidate for Your Open Position

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