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How Can You Maximize Productivity When Searching for Jobs

Looking for a job can be quite a busy task that generates a long to-do list. Without proper organization, it can become stressful and chaotic too. To maximize your job search productivity, read on.

Searching For Jobs? Here is How to Maximize Productivity

Step 1: Get Focused

The first step to a productive job search is to set your focus. One of the greatest job search pitfalls is to begin applying to any job that looks like a remotely good opportunity. This becomes a huge waste of time, causes confusion, and might ultimately lead you to an opportunity that isn’t the right fit for your goals. Some ways to set your focus early on include:

  • Determine career goals
  • Create list of musts (pay, benefits, location, schedule, etc)
  • Create a spreadsheet to keep track of job application statuses
  • Set a schedule for job searching tasks

Step 2: Get Yourself Set Up for Success

Once you’ve established your focus, it’s time to get yourself set up to send out eye-catching applications. This step of the process will be revisited throughout your search, but beginning your search with these tasks done first can help keep the work you do later to a minimum. Tasks in this set-up process include:

  • Update a master copy of your resume. This master copy will be customized for each job you apply to. 
  • Clean up social media profiles. It’s important to take time to make sure that the content that’s visible on your social media profiles are in line with what you want employers to see. 
  • Consider finding a professional mentor who can help you throughout the job search. They will be able to help answer questions you may have, whether those questions are about big ideas or small details. A mentor will also provide a source of comfort if the job search gets stressful. 

Step 3: Schedule in Activities & Enrichment

Even though your main focus is finding a new job, you will need to have productive things to give yourself a break from scouring job sites and updating resumes. These are some recommended “extras” to add to your life to contribute to your well-being during your job search:

  • Get outdoors and stay active. Choose your favorite type of exercise, and make sure you make the time to do it! Both exercise and the outdoors contribute to your physical and mental health, which is incredibly important during a job search
  • Look for volunteer opportunities that interest you. Volunteering is obviously a great way to give back and contribute to a cause you care about. Doing good deeds for others during a job search is quite fulfilling; plus if you volunteer in a capacity that relates to your career and skills, you’re building your resume and adding connections in the process.
  • Pursue a hobby that engages you creatively. Along similar lines as volunteering, getting creative with a hobby is a great way to step away from the job search but still do something worthwhile. 
  • Continue your education with webinars, online courses, or workshops. If you feel as though you have a skills gap to fill for the positions that interest you most, look for a way to get the proper training. While a job search is busy, it does allow you the time to learn a new skill or gain more certifications.

It’s easy to see how a job search can be extremely busy. By following these steps, your job search can be productive without becoming chaotic. 

Consider a Staffing Agency to Help with Your Job Search

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